April 2 2018 Rob

Jess’ workshop is truly amazing. We did the course in her home, which is very comfortable and has a great view. She made us feel right at home from the start with tea, snacks, easy conversation, and a quick intro to get us started. The actual work was easier than expected – you just dive in and start trying things. There is time to mess up and time to recover. We made rings that looked shockingly professional, and it wasn’t because we’re talented. If anything it is because Jess is a great teacher, but it also was easier than expected. Such a fun day, and one of the best lunches we’ve had in New Zealand. We can’t thank Jess enough and highly recommend her workshop to others. – Sarah and Rob

4 March 2018 Gudrun
Fantastic workshop – it was so much fun and incredible to see how our projects came to life. Everyone in the course made completely different things but all of them looked stunning. Jessica is a lovely host, a knowledgeable craftsman and a fantastic teacher. Highly recommend the course.
4 February 2018 Janet
The class was very fun, creative, and informational. Thanks Jessica for helping me make such a beautiful piece!
3 February 2018 Lynda
My husband and I had an awesome experience making a ring each – Jessica made the whole process easy to follow and everyone in the class went away with amazing jewellery. It was so much fun and we will both definitely be back to have another go at it. Would totally recommend this experience. Loved it!
28 January 2018 Kevin
We have had a fantastic day with Jessica, who introduced us to both, a beautiful part of the Queenstown region as well as a great insight into jewellery making. Jessica seems really knowledgeable and gave us a nice and quick briefing how to use all the tools and materials that are provided. When we had our go, she answered all the questions and helped out when necessary, so eventually we’d all end up with at least one unique and beautiful piece each. The good lunch meal and tea snack also rounded up, what all of us considered a very friendly and relaxed environment that Jessica creates during the workshop. In retrospect, all we can do is to say thanks for this amazing experience!
27 January 2018 Else
we had a great day making silver jewelry with Jess She had a great, easy going nature, and was happy to let us do our own thing design wise. We all finished with very different pieces, but were very happy with what we had made!
7 January 2018  Katrin
This was an amazing experience – Jessica was super helpful and lovely. Absolutely love the ring I made! Highly recommended.
3 December 2017 Nadia
I booked this experience on a whim and i am sooo happy i did! This is my first Airbnb experience and now i tend to do a lot more! Jessica was exceptional! Amazing teacher. Coming in to this not knowing one thing about jewelry making i was very nervous. Jessica never once made me feel inadequate and truly helped my idea of a ring come to life and i absolutely love what i made! And believe me, I’m not a crafty person at all. It was such a great experience and I’ve fully come to appreciate the hard work and long hours jewelry artists put into making a piece of jewelry and I’ll always have that in mind whenever i shop for quality pieces! Thanks again, Jessica! I would recommend this to any person who enjoys hands on activities. 10/10!
5 November 2017 Ernest
This class was great fun! Jessica is an accomplished artist and a great teacher. My wife and I each completed a decent piece of jewelry during the first class. Almost all of the people in the class did the same. The class concentrated on ring making. Jessica brought enough tools, equipment and supplies to do a worthwhile ring project. After briefly giving simple instructions, Jessica turned every one loose to start on their own vision. My wife and I are in our seventies. We were given this class as a birthday present. We didn’t expect to get much out of it. We were wrong. I like my new ring and my wife likes hers.
1 October 2017 Kirstin
This workshop was an incredible creative experience for me. Jesssica gave me extraordinary support to create a “memory” pendant of my trip to the South Island. She is a kind, patient and hugely talented individual. I will look back on this experience with great joy for years to come. Thank you so very much!
3 September 2017 Fleur
Awesome course! Jessica knew exactly what she was doing and kept an eye on everyone. The whole day was really hands on. So satisfying to go home with your very own ring. Would recommend to anyone.
6 August 2017 Charlie
great course! great location! loved the organic and nutritional food for snacks and lunch! jess was lovely and helpful and very knowledgeable! helps to research and have an idea in mind of what you would like to make ie design of a ring, before you come to class.